The average person moves over 11 times in their lifetime. After all the packing and unpacking that goes with a move, the first place you’ll want to get all set up is your bedroom. 



Because of its size, moving a mattress can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. Learning how to move a mattress the right way is essential for a smooth transition into your new place. 



We go over the steps to move a mattress and other large items in this helpful guide. 



How to Move a Mattress 



Unlike items that can be boxed and labeled, moving a mattress is not the easiest task. Unless you are moving a toddler-size mattress, this will be a two-person job. 



When you move a mattress, you’ll need to follow the following steps so that it isn’t damaged on the way to its new home. 



Step 1: Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment 



Before you get to packing, you’ll need some supplies. You can find most of these items at your local hardware store. 



  • Packing tape
  • Sandwich bags 
  • Large mattress bag 
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Straps or ropes 
  • Dolly 
  • Tape measure 


Step 2: Get Prepared 



Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to get packing! You’ll need a clean mattress before you can pack it up. 



Remove all bedding, mattress toppers, or mattress pads from the bed. Wash them and pack them in a box. 



Make sure the mattress is free of dirt and any other debris. You may want to vacuum the top of the mattress to ensure it’s squeaky clean. 



Time to break out the tape measure. Measure the mattress to make sure you can get it through any doorways or tight spaces. 



Step 3: Bag the Mattress Up 



The mattress bag will help keep it safe and clean during the move. The best way to get the mattress into the mattress bag is by sliding it in while it’s on the bed frame. Put the bag over the bottom of the mattress and shimmy it up until the whole mattress is in the bag. 



Once the mattress is in the bag, tape the end closed to keep everything protected. You don’t want to skip this step if you plan to store your mattress for a length of time. 



Tilt the mattress up until it is off the frame and on its side. Prop the mattress on the side of the bedroom wall so you can work on taking apart the bed frame. 



Step 4: Take Apart the Bed Frame



Now that the mattress is ready for the move, it’s time to break down the frame. 



The last thing you’re going to want is to get to your new home with missing parts of the frame. Before you start, take pictures of what the bed frame looks like so you can put it together again with no problems. 



Using any necessary tools, start to take apart the frame. Store nuts, bolts, and other small hardware in labeled sandwich bags. 



Take the sandwich bags and tape them to the covered mattress. This will keep everything in one place and make reassembling later no problem. 



Step 5: Move the Mattress to the Moving Truck 



Now it’s time to do the heavy lifting. You will need to move your mattress either using a dolly or by holding it with your moving partner. 



Make sure to always lift from your knees. Lift the mattress up and put it on the dolly if you are using one. Begin making your way out of your current home, being careful on stairs and in tight corners. 



It may take a little maneuvering, but eventually, you’ll make it out of your house. 



Step 6: Secure the Mattress 



If you are using a moving truck, you can slide the mattress in on its side. Secure it using the ropes or straps from your supply list. 



Are you moving a few towns away? You may be able to get away with moving a mattress in the back of a truck or large car. You can strap your mattress to the roof of a car if you are in a pinch. 



Now, you’re ready to roll! Make sure to drive slow and be mindful of any turns you make along the way. 



Setting up Your Mattress 



When moving large items, things can shift around, so be careful unloading the truck. Once you have arrived at your destination, move the mattress into your new bedroom.



Air out your mattress by opening up the plastic mattress bag. Let your mattress air out by propping it on a bedroom wall while you unpack the rest of the room. 



After a few hours of airing it out, make your bed and enjoy your new bedroom! 



Tips for Moving Your Large Items



Moving large items follows many of the same strategies as moving a mattress. Make sure to wrap your furniture to keep it protected during the move. Label and bag any parts when you disassemble the furniture. 



Use safe moving habits to lift and pack any heavy furniture. Make sure to have a few moving buddies to help you with the move. 



When in Doubt, Call the Professionals! 



Taking on the responsibility to move a mattress or other large items is not for the faint of heart. Are you dreading the moving process and living in the Charleston, SC area?



If so, Smooth Move can handle everything for you!