Moving can be very stressful and challenging, especially considering how long it takes to pack. One of the more frustrating parts of moving is figuring out how to pack your clothing. There are many different ways to pack clothing; how can you know the best way?



Here, we lay out all of the ins and outs of how to pack moving clothes for moving. The following guide covers the challenges, methods, and how-tos of packing your hanging clothes. Read on to learn more!



The Challenges of Packing Clothes



Getting your belongings packed is time-consuming and stressful, and worrying about how to pack moving clothes only adds to the stress. One of the most challenging things about packing clothing is choosing the right method.



You may be asking yourself questions. Should I hang them or fold them? Should I use boxes or suitcases, or just throw them in the trunk? There are many different ways to pack clothing for a move. Some methods are simple, but for a truly stress-free move, consider hiring professional movers!



Different Methods for Packing Hanging Clothes



There are a myriad of ways of packing clothing. Some people prefer to fold clothing and place it in boxes. Some like using suitcases and duffle bags to pack clothing. 



Others will use clothing to cushion their glassware! However, if you are looking for the most time-saving and least stressful methods, it’s best to leave the clothes on their hangers.



The following sections detail some of the most popular methods for packing hanging clothes before a move.



Garment Bags



Using garment bags is one of the simplest ways to pack your hanging clothes. First, you rubber-band several hangers of clothing together, then slip the garment bag over the clothes, zipping it up to keep the items safe and clean.



Once in your new home, simply hang the clothing in the closet and remove the bags. For a cost-effective alternative, consider using trash bags instead of garment bags. This method is very easy, but won’t protect the clothing as well.



Portable Clothing Racks



This is another method that makes moving clothing a cinch. You can purchase a portable clothing rack at large hardware stores. It will need to be a heavy-duty one. 



Simply hang your clothes on this rack and roll them onto your moving truck. This method makes moving clothes easy, but the racks can be pricey.



Wardrobe Boxes



Wardrobe boxes are often considered the best method of packing and moving hanging clothes. This method is easy, fast, and stress-free. Wardrobe boxes are designed for easy assembly and quick packing, making them a top choice for professional movers. 



You can purchase wardrobe boxes at large retailers or online. If you hire a professional moving company, they may provide wardrobe boxes.



How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving



The following section is a step-by-step guide for packing your hanging clothing into wardrobe boxes.



1. Declutter Your Closet



You should always declutter your clothing before moving. Start by going through every item in your closet. Separate your garments into three piles, one for keeping, one for donating, and one for discarding. 



Throw away or recycle ripped or damaged pieces. Donate clothing you no longer wear or need. Keep items that you use or are sentimental.



2. Wash Everything



The next thing you should do is make sure everything is clean. Wash or dry-clean all of your dirty clothes. You should never pack dirty or soiled clothes for a move. Some stains could set in if clothing is left packed for days or weeks. 



Also, the last thing you will want to do after a stressful move is deal with a pile of dirty laundry. Your future self will be very grateful to have everything fresh and clean in your new home.



3. Choose Your Boxes



You must choose the right boxes for you and your needs. Wardrobe boxes come in different sizes. You will want to select ones that are tall enough for your items. 



For example, long dresses would require a taller wardrobe box. Also, make sure you get enough wardrobe boxes for all of your clothes.



4. Assemble the Boxes



The wardrobe boxes will arrive flat, and you will have to assemble them. First, turn the boxes upside down or on their side and fold down the flaps. 



Tape the flaps down and turn the box right side up. Then fold down the front flap. Place the metal hanging bar into the holes on the sides of the box. Your wardrobe box is now ready for packing!



5. Pack the Boxes



Packing the wardrobe boxes is a breeze. You simply hang your clothing on the metal bar. Consider putting like-items in the same box. 



For example, you may want to hang your long-sleeved shirts together. You can also pack shoes and handbags in the bottoms of the wardrobe boxes. Ensure you do not overfill the box, or it could be too heavy to move.



6. Load the Boxes



Wardrobe boxes are easy to move if you have a dolly or hand truck. You will likely only be able to move one box at a time due to their tall height. Start by tilting the box to slide the flat bottom of the dolly underneath. You may want to tie the box in place.



Next, tilt the dolly back towards you while holding the wardrobe box in place with one arm. Now you are ready to carefully maneuver the box onto the moving truck. Once on the truck, set the box down and wiggle the dolly out from underneath.



Often, professional movers will provide packing and unpacking services. Professionals offering full-service moving will provide the wardrobe boxes, pack your hanging clothes, and then unpack them at your new location. This is the best option for a stress-free move!



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