Moving is an exciting adventure that many homeowners look forward to. Beyond embarking on a journey with a new house, moving to South Carolina allows you to explore a new location filled with endless possibilities and beautiful sights to see – if you know what you’re looking for!


While many homeowners are moving to South Carolina cities like Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Greenville, there’s another prime destination you might be overlooking: the beautiful town of Summerville.



But is Summerville a good place to live, and what should you know to prepare for your upcoming move? 



What to Know About Summerville


Moving to South Carolina towns like Summerville is an excellent choice for many families! Summerville will surely provide you with new experiences and adventures you’ll cherish forever. With a population exceeding 51,000, Summerville is located primarily in Dorchester County, but some portions of the town fall into Charleston and Berkeley counties.


Summerville comprises numerous neighborhoods, each with unique charm and characteristics that make it a fantastic place to live. Some notable neighborhoods in Summerville to know about before moving to South Carolina include the following:


  • Ashborough East
  • Blackberry Creek
  • Brandymill
  • Bridges of Summerville
  • Cane Bay Plantation
  • Del Webb
  • Felder Creek
  • Kings Grant
  • Lakes of Summerville
  • Legend Oaks Plantation
  • The Ponds
  • Reminisce
  • Summer Glen
  • Sunburst Lakes
  • Weatherstone
  • White Gables
  • And plenty more!



Things to do in Summerville



Summerville has endless possibilities, and the town has plenty of activities for you and your family to enjoy. But what kind of activities can you expect when you relocate to Summerville? Below are just a few of our favorites.


Sweet Tea Trail


First on our list of things to do in Summerville is the Sweet Tea Trail – the perfect way to honor Summerville as the birthplace of delicious sweet tea! The Sweet Tea Trail is designed for Summerville residents to experience the delectable flavors that define life in this town and is packed with plenty of stops to experience the beauty of Summerville.


At each stop on the Sweet Tea Trail, you can collect stamps. Once you’ve collected all your stamps, they can be redeemed at the Summerville Visitor Center to receive Official Birthplace of Sweet Tea gifts for you and your family, ensuring you never forget your adventures in Summerville!


Flowertown Festival


Summerville is home to the Flowertown Festival, one of the town’s premiere fundraisers aimed at supporting health and wellness programs at the city’s Y. Thousands of people flock to Summerville annually to enjoy the Flowertown Festival and see the town overtaken by stunning nature, with vibrant colors and unforgettable sights.


The Flowertown Festival occurs over a three-day weekend yearly and includes one of the Southeast’s largest arts and crafts festivals – meaning there’s far more than flowers you’ll find on this adventure!


Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site


If you’re a fan of all things historic, you’ll love Summerville’s Colonial Dorchester State historic site! Located in Dorchester County, this state park is home to stunning sights and artifacts. 


Residents can partake in this state park’s Process of Discovery program to watch archaeologists sift through the site and discover more about the town’s vast history – a truly unforgettable experience!


Beyond this program, residents can also enjoy fishing at the Colonial Dorchester State historic site or bring their pets for fun with the entire family!


Hold My Tea Bar Crawl


While Summerville has plenty of activities for the entire family, it isn’t without its adult attractions. If you want to have fun with your friends, the Hold My Tea bar crawl in Summerville is the perfect destination!


This annual bar crawl is packed with friendly competition and delicious sweet tea cocktails made by the town’s most talented bartenders – and you can even vote for your favorite bartender during the journey! The Hold My Tea bar crawl is a six-day crawl filled with fun activities and competitions, from Bingo to the People’s Choice Award and more!


You’ll even get to compete to win a free bar crawl shirt and have access to some of the best sweet tea recipes available, making this a truly unforgettable experience!


Tips for Moving to Summerville


There’s no doubt that Summerville is one of the best places to consider when moving to South Carolina. But once you’ve chosen Summerville as your destination, it’s important to prepare for your upcoming move to avoid any last-minute surprises. Here are some of our moving tips to ensure your move goes off without a hitch:


Plan in Advance


The main mistake you can make when arranging a move is not planning in advance. As soon as you know you’re moving to Summerville, it’s time to start planning – including transferring your utilities, updating your address across crucial documents, and creating a comprehensive packing system that makes preparing your belongings a breeze.


If you’re hiring moving help, scheduling movers in advance is important to avoid scrambling for help at the last minute. Outline everything you’ll need for a successful move, and start planning as soon as possible!


Pack Safely


There’s nothing worse than transporting all your precious belongings to your new home – only to find they’ve become damaged. Before you begin packing, guarantee you have the materials you need to keep your possessions safe throughout the journey.


Packaging materials for a safe move include bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing tape, and packing paper. Ensure your materials are high-quality and use secure, new boxes that won’t fall apart.


Hire A Professional Moving Company


The simplest way to guarantee your move goes smoothly is to hire professional movers. A professional moving company will have all the materials and knowledge necessary to guarantee a successful move without damaging your belongings.


Moving companies like Smooth Move go beyond the transportation process to help pack and unpack your belongings and provide the supplies you need to keep your possessions safe. No matter what you need for a seamless move, Smooth Move has you covered!


Plan Your Move With Smooth Move

Moving to South Carolina doesn’t have to be stressful. With Smooth Move, you can ensure your move goes off without a hitch and enjoy your new Summerville home. Get a free online quote for your upcoming move from Smooth Move today!