As moving day approaches, you likely feel excitement and apprehension about the process.



While moving often comes during a joyful time in life, the moving experience is too often stressful and unpleasant, especially when you have to move an entire household.



When the time comes to move, storage units are your best friend.



A portable storage unit increases flexibility in your moving timeline and ensures that everything in your household is protected from your old home to your new one.



But what are the benefits of using a portable storage unit during your upcoming move to South Carolina, and why are these flexible solutions so integral on your big day?



What is Portable Storage?



Portable storage describes large containers or pods transporting household belongings to new locations when moving. When moving into your new home, a company like Smooth Move will transport your storage container to your front door.



These units are available in various sizes to suit your moving needs. You can leave these units in semi-permanent locations until moving day arrives.



Portable Storage is a Safe Solution



The most important benefit of using a portable storage unit to transfer your belongings from your old home to your new one is that these units are incredibly safe and durable. 



Portable storage units are created to withstand harsh weather conditions and have ample space to store and protect your belongings to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you get to your destination.



Portable Storage Units are Secure



Beyond its safety and durability, a portable storage unit has security options to enhance your protection and ensure your items are always safe. 



You can prevent possible break-ins and theft by using a secure padlock on your storage unit that’s nearly impossible to break through, meaning thieves won’t get far if they try to mess with your stuff.



Portable Storage Units Have Plenty of Space



Have way too many belongings to make sense of packing everything up? Portable storage units come in several sizes to fit your belongings and make packing a breeze. 



These units have plenty of space to place larger pieces of furniture, large and small boxes, and anything else that needs to be stored until it arrives at your destination.



Portable Storage Units are Hassle-Free



Why worry about getting your storage unit to your home when you can deliver it to your door hassle-free? 



Portable storage units like those offered by Smooth Move come directly to you, eliminating the need to haul your storage unit to its final destination independently. 



Relax in your new home while Smooth Move works to get your belongings delivered as soon as possible.



Portable Storage Units Save You Money



It’s too common for homeowners to spend big on storage solutions when planning their move to South Carolina. 



A portable storage company like Smooth Move helps you save money by offering additional services like packing, meaning you can cover all your costs in a single, holistic solution.



Additionally, providers like Smooth Move only have you pay for what you need, so you can customize your solution and the length of your storage needs to fit your budget. 



Portable storage units are less expensive on average than traditional units. Because you aren’t locked into a contract, you’ll have more flexibility when you choose this solution than you would traditionally.



Portable Storage Units are Accessible



Investing in a portable storage unit means you’ll have a highly accessible storage solution. You can access your storage unit as much as you need to and pack more items inside the unit at any time to fit your hectic schedule. 



Having 24/7 access ensures that all of your storage needs are met, no matter what time of day you need access to your unit.



Portable Storage Units Require Less Work on Your End



Instead of having to visit a storage unit repeatedly to take loads of your belongings to your new home, you can use a portable storage unit to cut your workload to almost nothing. 



Pack your portable storage unit and unpack it when it gets to your home–no more than that!



How Does a Portable Storage Unit Work?



So how does your new storage solution work? Smooth Move delivers a portable moving container to your home, depending on the size and scope of your storage needs. 



Smooth Move provides a 16’L x 8’W x 8’H container that can be loaded on your property either by yourself or by our team. Because moving is a time-sensitive process, Smooth Move ensures that you can enjoy the process instead of stressing over your storage.



When you’re ready, Smooth Move collects your portable storage unit and transfers it to your new South Carolina home or one of our storage facilities for later delivery. Smooth Move offers staggered delivery, meaning you receive one portable storage unit at a time to simplify the packing and unpacking process. 



The units from Smooth Move are durable, leakproof, and weatherproof to protect your belongings no matter what happens on the journey. Our facilities are climate-controlled and temperature-controlled to avoid damage to your belongings. 



When you choose Smooth Move, you can guarantee that your belongings are stored with the utmost care and precaution.



Prepare for Your South Carolina Move With Smooth Move



Storage difficulties can naturally arise when moving all of your household belongings from one place to another. A portable storage unit from Smooth Move can eliminate the problems homeowners often face when storing and moving their items safely and securely.



Smooth Move provides a plethora of moving and storage services, which include:


  • Packing your belongings
  • Moving your possessions
  • Storing your belongings in a climate-controlled environment
  • Providing fully insured storage services
  • Implementing top-notch security measures
  • Delivering your items when you’re ready



Your move doesn’t have to be complicated. Ensure a seamless transition from one home to another by contacting Smooth Move today to plan your moving timeline and get a free online quote.