In today’s business environment, companies need more flexibility than ever before. Things change rapidly, including how your company is run and how resources are used. Many managers and CEOs are looking to maximize efficiency in every way possible, including how space is used. When changes are made to an office’s layout—or when you’ve moved to a different location altogether—you’ll probably need a place to store some of your stuff. This is when a mobile storage pod from Smooth Move really come in handy. Here’s why we think these types of portable storage units are the safest choice for businesses in Rock Hill, SC and Charleston, SC:

  • A mobile storage pod is climate controlled. If you store your things in an old-school storage building, their integrity may be at risk. Moisture, pests, and temperature changes may cause damage to papers, fabrics, plastics, and other materials. Smooth Move’s portable storage units are climate controlled to keep your things fresh, clean, and in good condition.
  • A mobile storage pod is secure. Whenever you store things off-site, you need to know that everything is safe. Our storage containers are placed in a secure location that’s monitored around the clock.
  • A mobile storage pod is managed by people you can trust. We only hire the best people to work on our team. We’re looking out for you and your belongings at all times.

If you need a reliable, secure storage solution for your company, call Smooth Move. Our Rock Hill, SC and Charleston, SC locations have portable storage units available now. Get started by requesting a free online quote today!