On average, you can expect to spend over $20,000 to completely furnish a 3-bedroom house. Even if you’re moving on your own into a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, the cost of new furniture can quickly add up and drain your bank account.



If you’re moving into a home in Charleston, then it makes more sense to bring old furniture, as you’ll save on costs. Not to mention, you already know these are nice and comfy too!



However, it’s easier said than done to move furniture, especially if you’ve got larger pieces to move. If you need help moving furniture, then getting a few helping hands can really make a difference!



What’s the best way to go about moving furniture though? Read on for 3 options so you can determine what your best choice is.



1. Using Your Family and Friends



Enlisting your loved ones to help DIY a move is the cheapest method, hands down. You don’t have to pay them and only have to spend a little bit of money to treat them to a thank-you meal or drinks.






The biggest pro is you’ll save money, especially if you can borrow a friend’s large truck. You’ll just need to pay for gas to power it.



Also, you’ll have more control over how your items are packed and stored. You can rent a portable storage container, leave it in your driveway, and fill it up how you want, and when you want as well.






It can be tough to get the right crew together, especially since it’ll be unpaid labor. People have to take time off work and do a tough job, after all. There’s a chance you won’t have enough people to move furniture and everyone will be working extra hard.



Because none of you are professionals, furniture pieces might be stored incorrectly, and bumps and scratches may happen in the flurry of your move. It can be slow going as well, which might put a bump in your moving schedule.



And while DIYing a move is cheaper since you don’t have to hire anyone, you’ll be paying in other ways. Not only will you have to pay for gas, but also meals, snacks, and hotel rooms on your long drive. You’ll also have to take work off, which is a good chunk of change.



Lastly, this can be taxing on both your mental and physical health. If anyone gets injured, then they’ll have to rest up too.



2. Using a Freight Shipping Company



Some people choose to use a freight shipping company to transport their furniture. The company will drop off a trailer at your property and you can fill it up before they come pick it up. They’ll then transport it to your destination and you’ll have a certain amount of time to unload it before they take the trailer away.






You won’t have to make the long drive on your own. Instead, you can just load up the trailer and everything will be there for you at your destination!



This is a great option if you’ve got either lots of furniture and/or large pieces. Instead of making multiple trips with a smaller truck, you can ship everything in one go.






The biggest con of using a freight shipping company is it’s a pricey service. If you’re already feeling the burn on your wallet, then shipping your furniture won’t be a viable option, especially if you’re not moving far and/or don’t have many pieces of furniture to move.



Also, you still have to prep and load/unload the furniture yourself. If you’re not able-bodied, then this can be tough. And if you don’t load the trailer right, you risk damage to your furniture in transit.



Some freight shipping options can take a long time as well. If you need to furnish your home ASAP, then this can put a damper on things.



3. Hiring Professional Movers



Hiring professional movers can be a godsend if you don’t have the time or energy to DIY a move. A full-service moving company allows you to pick and choose what you need help with to make moving stress-free.






These professionals can handle anything from packing and unpacking to junk removal. They’ll have all the proper equipment and tools, as well as the knowledge and skills to pack your furniture up and move it securely.



All you have to do is book an appointment and on the day, let them in to pack and move your furniture. It’s the most hands-off method of moving furniture and you won’t be drained by the process, especially since they’ll also unpack and place your furniture in your new home too!






You’ll have to allocate a good part of your moving budget to hiring professional movers. However, companies like Smooth Move have competitive rates and the time and energy you save will be worth every penny. In fact, you might actually save money since you won’t have to take time off work to pack and drive!



Need Help Moving Furniture? Then Hire Us



If you need help moving furniture, then a great option is hiring professional movers such as Smooth Move. You won’t have to lift a finger and we’ll make sure all your pieces are packed and transported safely.



We’ll ensure that your long-distance move is as smooth and stress-free as possible. And better yet, our prices are so competitive, it’s comparable to you DIYing furniture transport yourself!



So it’s a no-brainer what you should do if you want to move your pieces. Smooth Move’s here to help!