So you’ve decided to move—now what? Of course, deciding where to move and finding the perfect home are important. But so are all the steps in the relocation process. Some of these can create extra expenses that you may not have considered. Here at Smooth Move, our movers in Fort Mill, SC recommend looking out for the following unexpected costs:

  • Cleaning products. You’ll need to clean your old home as you’re leaving and your new one as you move in. While you may already have cleaning supplies, make sure you don’t pack them up and that they’re easily accessible.
  • Food. Even when you’re moving, you’ve still got to eat! You’ll need enough food, water, and snacks to keep your family and friends happy as they help you. You’ll also need to make a grocery run once you get to your new home.
  • Utilities. Depending on the city or town where you’re moving, you may need to pay deposits or connection fees for your electricity, water, and gas service.
  • Repairs and upgrades. You’ll probably have worked through any major repair costs as part of your real estate negotiations. But you’ll probably discover smaller things that need fixing or replacing once you arrive. For example, you may need to replace some light bulbs or you may want to replace the outlet covers and switchplates.

While some of these things can’t be helped, there is one thing you can do to reduce the stress of moving: hire Smooth Move. Our movers in Fort Mill, SC serve South Carolina and beyond from our Rock Hill, SC and Charleston, SC moving companies. Get a free online moving quote today!