Recently we’ve explored some of the best places to live in South Carolina, here in the Lowcountry. 


From Isle of Palms to Summerville, North Charleston to James Island, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to finding a great place to live.


Among those great landing spots – and perhaps most prestigious & luxurious – is Kiawah Island. 



More About Kiawah Island



As the name suggests, Kiawah Island is one of several island destination landing spots in the Lowcountry. 



About an hour drive away from Downtown Charleston, Kiawah’s history dates back to the 1670s and is named after the Kiawah Indians, who were native on the island before settlers arrived in the late 17th century. 



Owned by famous families for centuries, in 1974 it was purchased by the Kiawah Island company and soon developed into a world-class resort and in 1998, after another purchase — this time to the Kiawah Resort Associates — and work began on what it’s known as today: a high-end luxury community. 


Things To Do On Kiawah Island


While there is plenty to do on the island, one of the biggest attractions to Kiawah Island is its golf course, which hosts PGA level golf events, including several Major Championships throughout its history. 


Outside of the golf course, you can find just about anything that fits just about any type of lifestyle: fishing, biking, bird watching, paddleboarding, hiking — all with the amazing views and scenes that make up island living. 


Where To Live On Kiawah Island


A more thorough Kiawah Island neighborhood guide can be found here, but Kiawah Island can be broken down into a few main areas:


West Beach Village

East Beach Village

Vanderhorst Plantation


Ocean Park


As mentioned earlier, Kiawah Island is a luxury living destination, but the views and island living lifestyle can more than make up for the premium living expenses.


Tips For Making Your Move To Kiawah Island Seamless


Once you settle on the best place to live on Kiawah Island, it’s time for you to pack up your home and start planning your move in the Lowcountry. 


As you start planning, here are some tips to make your move to Kiawah, a Smooth Move.


  1. Plan Your Move Early.  Moving last minute can cause stress on you, your family (and your movers), so begin your moving plans early to help make sure you cover all of your moving needs & logistics. (We have several packing, planning and moving tips in our blog here.) 


  1. Visit Kiawah. Especially important if you’ve never been there or aren’t familiar with its landscape or neighborhoods, visiting the island is important to understand how you might like living there, once you’re settled in. 


  1. Hire Local, Experienced Movers. Not all movers are built the same.  Ensure your movers are licensed, insured and are able to protect your valuable items during your move.  Going local with your moving team means you can lean on local knowledge and expertise you might not otherwise get from nationwide movers.



If Kiawah Island is in your sights this year, we hope you find it a great place to live.



And if you need help moving there, our team is ready to make your move to Kiawah, a Smooth Move.