Moving is stressful, whether you’re headed across town or across the country. But moving tables and chairs, other bulky furniture, and the rest of your household items can be exceptionally difficult in metro areas like Charleston, South Carolina.




Thankfully, the experts at Smooth Move can provide pro tips for getting everything to your new home in one piece and can save your sanity along the way!




Preparing for Your Move




You have carefully curated each item in your home, and you want to make sure it all gets to your final destination without dents, scratches, or broken and missing pieces. But where do you start?




One of the first things to do when you’re preparing for a move is to start going through your house, room by room, and get rid of anything you don’t want or need.




This will help you avoid taking up space in your moving boxes with items you don’t intend to keep. It will also help you have clear paths around furniture that you need to pack carefully.




Next, decide whether you will rent a truck and move your household items or hire a moving company. If you plan to do the bulk — or all — of the move yourself, gather all of the packing supplies you’ll need, like plastic wrap, packing blankets, furniture sliders, bubble wrap, boxes, and tape.




Once you have the items you want to take all sorted, have decided which moving method you’ll use, and know which supplies you’ll need, you can focus on the more intricate parts of the process, like moving tables and chairs.




Take a look at our pro tips below.




Pro Tips for Moving Tables and Chairs



1. Remove and Wrap Any Glass Tops on Tables




Glass-top tables are beautiful and can be easy to clean, but you’ll want to take out any removable glass inserts and package them separately from the table base.




Carefully wrap the glass in packing paper and secure it with tape before adding several layers of bubble wrap and sliding it into a large, protective box. You’ll want to strategically place this box inside the moving truck, so it doesn’t tip over or move around too much.




Glass tops are usually best-stored perpendicular to the floor for easy removal once you arrive at your destination.




2. Package the Table or Table Base




Bubble and plastic wrap are your best friends when it comes to protecting your dining room furniture.




You can place the table legs on sliders if it makes it easier for you, but you’ll want to wrap the table feet in bubble wrap and stretch a packing blanket over the entire piece before securing it with plastic wrap.




This will prevent your table from getting scratched or dented, and it will protect any floors, door jams, and walls that you pass getting in or out of your home. You may even want to measure your items and the doorways they must get through so that you know the best path and maneuvers!




3. Wrap Up Your Chairs




While your chairs are smaller than your table itself, they can be awkward and bulky to pack and carry. There are also more of them to account for.




To pack them safely, you’ll want to put bubble wrap around the chair legs and cushions and then wrap the whole chair in plastic wrap to prevent any damage. Once inside the truck, each chair must be neatly stacked so that it won’t tip over during transit and can be easily carried into your next home.




4. Repeat the Process for Any Additional Items




Dining sets aren’t one-size-fits-all — just like your family! — and can come with many different pieces, such as leaf inserts and bench seats, to suit your needs.




The packing process for these items is essentially the same as the steps we’ve mentioned above. Simply focus on protecting any delicate legs, protecting the finish, and padding them, so they don’t get damaged while being handled or transported.




Moving in Charleston: What You Need to Know




Metro moves present their own set of challenges. You’re battling urban traffic, navigating sidewalks, and respecting everyone’s time and space around you.




While you can certainly move items on your own, we recommend hiring a moving company, especially in places like Charleston, SC. They can take the weight off your shoulders (literally!), provide packing supplies, and help you maneuver the moving truck and mobile storage unit exactly where it needs to be.




This is important when you’re moving tables and chairs, as you’ll want to get each piece of furniture into — and out of — the truck strategically. It also helps to have a local moving company that knows the ins and outs of local traffic.




Move Your Tables and Chairs with Confidence




As you’re planning out your next move, consider the larger items, like moving tables and chairs, first. Then, follow the tips we’ve outlined in this article to make packing them safely a breeze.




Dining room furniture presents its own unique challenges, but it’s nothing that professional moving companies like Smooth Move can’t handle and guide you through.




In fact, Smooth Move has services designed to make your life easier every step of the way. Whether you need a moving truck, a mobile storage unit, someone to help you pack, or junk removal as you’re cleaning out, we’ve got you covered.




Our full-service moving company specializes in moves in and around the Charleston, SC, area, and we can help you get where you’re going with less stress so you can actually enjoy your new home when you get there.




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