Moving is an exciting time, often filled with joy and thanks for our blessings. But despite the happiness this period can bring, it’s not without its many stressors. 



From the troubles you might encounter with packing to difficulties finding the best local moving company, we all know that moving can quickly become overwhelming.



However, moving doesn’t always have to be stressful, especially if you understand the potential challenges you might face when moving to a new home. The local movers at Smooth Move can help you navigate the transformative homeowner’s journey to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch.



So, what are the challenges of moving to a new home, and how does our local moving team play a part in the next steps of your journey? 



The Challenges of Moving



Despite the excitement that moving to a new home can bring, there are some challenges you might face during the process – especially if you aren’t enlisting help from an experienced moving company. 



Here are some of the main issues homeowners run into when navigating the moving journey.



Packing Fragile Items



The first issue many homeowners encounter when preparing for their upcoming relocation is packing fragile items, which too often fall victim to mismanagement during moving. 



Packing these items is easily one of the biggest stressors homeowners face – after all, one small mistake can permanently damage your favorite belongings!



However, with proper knowledge of packing fragile items, you can guarantee that your possessions are safe from when they’re packed to when they reach your new home. Here are some tips for packing fragile belongings:



  • Use the right packing supplies. Invest in bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper, and other protective materials to safeguard your fragile belongings.
  • Choose appropriately sized boxes. Avoid packing items in too large boxes, as your fragile items will move around more during transportation. Don’t overpack your boxes.
  • Wrap items individually. Ensure each fragile item is packed separately in several layers of protective wrapping.
  • Keep the bottom of the boxes cushioned. Have a layer of cushioning material like foam peanuts or packing paper to create a protective layer.
  • Pack your items securely. Arrange all your fragile items in a box carefully to fit snugly, and fill gaps with additional cushioning materials to prevent shifting.

Organizing Boxes



Many homeowners pack their belongings without much thought, making organizing next to impossible. Without proper organization, you’ll find that you don’t know where anything is when you get to your new home. This can cause unnecessary stress that can easily be avoided if you know how to organize your belongings correctly.



Place belongings that go in similar places together, and consider grouping items by the room they’ll be placed in at your new home. An important step to make sure things stay organized is labeling your boxes with their destination – that way, you’ll know which boxes contain kitchen items, bedroom items, and items for other rooms and won’t have to spend as much time digging through boxes to find what you’re looking for.



You can also make your labeling more specific and include details on the exact items within each box. The more detailed, the easier it will be to keep things organized from when you pack to when you unpack.



Knowing When to Book a Moving Company



A common challenge that people who are moving face is not knowing when to book moving companies. A local moving company is essential to ensure your move is as smooth as possible, and you should get to booking a moving service as soon as you know the exact dates of your move.



Consider the following obstacles when determining the best time to book a moving company:



  • Availability. Moving companies can get booked quickly, especially during the peak moving season of summer. The longer you wait to book, the likelier it becomes that the best moving companies won’t be available for your selected date – so choose a date as soon as possible.
  • Budget issues. Many homeowners struggle to balance the cost of hiring moving companies with their overall budget, as the cost of a local moving company can differ depending on how much notice you provide, the date you move, and other factors.
  • Last-minute decisions. People moving on short notice will have more trouble getting moving help, which can result in higher booking costs.
  • Moving large or specialty items. Some moving companies don’t provide enough helpful services to move large, fragile, or specialty items that require particular handling.

Planning for Additional Expenses



A mistake that homeowners often make is forgetting to plan for additional moving expenses, leading to improper budgeting and could cause you to exceed your moving budget. Plan for unexpected costs like cleaning products, as you’ll need to ensure your new home is clean before moving out – and you’ll want your new property to be as clean as possible, too! Also, plan for things like food, water, and snacks during the moving process and the cost of buying new groceries when you move into your home.



Additionally, remember the cost of transferring your utilities from your current property to your new home. Depending on where you’re moving, there’s a chance you’ll have to pay deposits and connection fees to get your water, gas, and electricity up and running.



Finally, consider the cost of any repairs or upgrades you might need. When homeowners get to their new property, they often notice small issues that need to be addressed and replaced. While these repairs can fall on a lower cost scale, they should still factor into your overall budget.



Find Your Fresh Start With Smooth Move



Moving is a beautiful time and should be cherished as a new beginning. With Smooth Move, you can plan for your fresh start by enlisting the help of our experienced local moving team to ensure that your move is successful and stress-free.



Smooth Move provides all the moving services you need to address the challenges of moving to a new home and mitigate the chances of encountering issues during the moving process. 



With Smooth Move, you’ll have a team you can rely on to get your belongings to your new destination safely and securely.