Understanding how movers work isn’t always easy when you’re planning out your household move in the Lowcountry. 


From searching & choosing the best mover for your particular move, to packing & loading, discarding items, unloading and unpacking — there’s a lot that goes into moving a large home


One area that often gets overlooked, is something before you even start moving a single thing in your home: the moving estimate.


Not all moving companies are built the same and your moving estimates may vary, but regardless of where you get your estimate it’s essential to understand how important it is.


Understanding What Resources You Need


While moving common boxes and smaller furniture should be easy to account for, larger and more fragile items will need special care.


Making sure you have the right resources for those items is so important and can help avoid any unnecessary obstacles that could cost time & money on the day of your move (more on that below).


It Allows Your Movers To Plan Accordingly


Knowing everything you’re going to move allows your movers to plan for those items on the day of your move.



As mentioned above, it helps them understand the different kinds of equipment, like dollys or hand carts and people they’ll need to get the job done right.


It Can Help Avoid Unexpected Charges


Should anything come up on moving day that was not covered by your initial moving estimate, there could be a chance there will be unexpected fees. 


Additional labor and/or the need for additional equipment could mean that the initial moving estimate could very well end up being different than the final estimate.


Have An Experienced Moving Professional Handle Your Moving Estimate


Just like you would trust a local HVAC company with your heating & air conditioning estimates, having a trusted, professional moving company do your moving estimate is the smart choice for moving your home:


> They have the experience


> They know their team (and how they work)


> They have the right equipment for the job


Whether you’re moving from or to Summerville, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms or any other of our beautiful areas of the Lowcountry, having a trusted moving partner help you with your moving estimate is a great way of ensuring your move is a Smooth Move in South Carolina.