Are you planning a move to (or from) Charleston, SC?




If so, Smooth Move has the ultimate moving and packing guide for you!




Check out this list of blog posts where we’ve provided moving and packing tips for everything you need to know for your upcoming move to Charleston.




Tips for Moving & Packing Tables & Other Dining Room Items




This helpful blog post outlines how to move your dining table set without damaging it. It covers helpful tips for how to move a glass table top and how to pad and protect your table for the upcoming move to Charleston. 




The helpful advice in the post includes wrapping the glass tabletop separately from the legs, which can help keep both safe and secure for the journey. These tips for moving and packing your dining table will make moving that much easier on moving day!




Use These Expert tips for Moving Dressers, Cabinets, and Other Large Furniture




Moving dressers, cabinets, and other heavy or large furniture can be a pain. You can make things go much more smoothly with the tips and tricks outlined in this helpful blog post! The first thing this post makes clear is how important it is to prepare and be safe when moving large furniture. 




It goes on to explain how you should dress for moving days to prevent any slip-ups or injuries. 




Next, the piece describes in detail how you should disassemble the furniture pieces and use useful tools like furniture sliders and dollies. You’ll learn everything you need to know about moving dressers and other heavy pieces in this blog post.




Moving Appliances: Tips for Your Upcoming Move in Charleston




Moving heavy appliances can be one of the most stressful parts of moving. Thankfully, there are many helpful hacks for moving these items in this blog post




This post lays out how to prepare your appliances for moving and how to move them carefully. It lays out all of the steps you need to take to safely move your appliances without damaging them or hurting yourself.




 It includes advice on each step of the process, including cleaning your appliances, disconnecting them, letting them dry, protecting them with bubble wrap, and using a dolly to move the items. Of course, if you don’t want to do all of this work yourself, you can also always hire a moving company that will make sure things go smoothly for you.



How to Pack Coffee Mugs, Silverware & Other Kitchen Utensils



Packing up small and tiny items can feel overwhelming. This blog post has all the tips and tricks you need for organizing and packing those small items like cups, mugs, silverware, and other utensils. Kitchen items can require special thought before packing. 




This post explains how you should sort the items, declutter them, wrap them, bundle them, and protect them and yourself by using bubble wrap. Packing all of your small kitchen items will be a breeze using the tips in this post!




How to Pack TVs & Other Electronics for Your Upcoming Move in Charleston




This blog post has all of the information you need about moving your electronics. One piece of advice they give is to use your original boxes for electronics, like TVs, if you have them, or wrap the item if you don’t. 




They go on to list out all kinds of helpful tips, such as unplugging and properly storing cords, removing batteries, protecting any screens, wrapping items carefully, and making sure items like TVs are packed upright and tightly.



7 Useful Tips to Expertly Pack Pictures for Moving




The 7 tips laid out for moving pictures in this blog post are extremely useful. They start off by explaining the moving materials you need to protect framed photos, like the right boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, markers, and other materials. 




Then, they go on and describe in detail how you should protect brackets, the frame, the glass, how you should wrap each photo, and how you should pack the box. If you have a lot of photos, especially framed ones, you should do each of these steps with care to make sure they make it safely to your new home.




Packing Hacks for Tools & Other Garage Items




Packing up your garage can be very challenging. Thankfully, Smooth Moves has laid out everything you need to know in this blog post




They start by telling you to declutter and donate items that aren’t needed anymore and go on to explain how you cannot move dangerous materials and chemicals. 




Next, they describe how you should make an inventory of items, disassemble them where possible, pack items in bubble wrap, and pack different kinds of tools.




5 Quick Bathroom Packing Hacks for Your Upcoming Move in Charleston




Packing up all those small toiletries in your bathroom can be a big pain. However, if you follow these 5 quick tips, it’ll go much faster. 




Firstly, you should get rid of bathroom items and toiletries you don’t use. The blog post goes on to describe how you should sort the items, go through them, and discard items no longer needed. 




It then explains how to pack different bathroom items, such as items that could leak, small items, and delicate items like mirrors. Follow these tips to make packing up your bathroom go by quickly!




5 Moving Hacks for Packing & Moving Clothes




These 5 moving tips to help you pack up your wardrobe are something everyone planning a move should read! It takes way too long to fold up individual items of clothing. 




Instead, this blog post advises packing in different ways. You could try leaving your clothes on hangers, placing out-of-season items in totes, or vacuum sealing them. 




It suggests using unconventional moving containers like baskets or luggage for clothing or even using some clothing items to wrap fragile items. These ingenious clothes-packing tips will be a big help in your move to Charleston!




5 Couch Moving Tips for Your Upcoming Move in Charleston




Moving your couch can often be the biggest pain of all. Thankfully, Smooth Moves has all the moving hacks you need for moving heavy furniture like couches




To start, you should ask at least two extra people for help. This post advises measuring doorways and couches first. 




Then, it suggests doing things like unscrewing legs and removing cushions to make the couch less heavy. There are also useful tips for protecting your couch and yourself.




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Smooth Move is here to help you make sure that your move is as smooth and easy as possible. Whether you use just a few or all of these tips, we’re excited to welcome you to Charleston!